Storage and usage information


Store bagged cement on a raised floor in a damp-proof shed. If this is not possible, then store the cement on a raised platform and cover with waterproof sheeting. Use the cement in the order you recieve it. i.e. first in first out.


In general, the more water used for a given quantity of cement, the weaker the concrete or motar will be. It is therefore important to use the minimum amount of water required to make the mix workable.


Accurately measure all materials with a suitable container (wheelbarrow or bucket). Mix thoroughly until a uniform colour is obtained. Add watre whilst mixing to avoid adding too much water.


Concrete or plaster should be kept moist for at least 7 days to prevent cracking and to ensure that it's strength increases. Spray gently with water and protect it with plastic sheets (or wet hassian) to prevent it from drying out.

Other information:
   • Transport in vehicles with adequate protection from weather
   • Arrange cement bags on timber pallets/platform at least 15cm above the floor. Place stacks away from external walls and they should not exceed 10 bags.
   • The cement should not be lumpy
   • Cement should be from bags that are not torn or interfered with.

Health and Safety Warning:
   • When Working with cement wear safety glasses and gloves
   • Wash you hands after working with wet cement
   • In the event of cement contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and get medical attention if necessary
   • Keep Cement out of reach of children